atelier suppan
paris, france

Alex, the French designer behind Atelier Suppan, creates unique and utilitarian pieces that are thoughtfully designed with truly amazing detail and craftsmanship. Hems and collars are often hand finished, fabric is hand dyed, shapes are twisted and closures off center.

Many of her pieces are quite adjustable with sterling silver hooks or buttons, and can be worn a multitude of ways.

All pieces are limited edition and handmade in her Paris atelier.

Heidelberg, Germany

From developing a pattern up to attaching buttons, everything is done by Christian & Gesine Riegler of Der Antagonist, both of whom have worked alongside the great Florentine hat maker Reinhard Plank.

By carefully selecting high quality natural materials and making each piece in their studio, they are improving their contribution to a better and sustainable environment.

london, england

Unique clothing made for comfort and wearability - timeless and versatile.

The cutting, sewing, and dyeing is done in their small London studio and converted backyard.

tuscany, italy

Established in 1896 and still family-owned, Guidi shoes and bags are entirely handmade and ‘object-dyed’ - dyed after assembly. Guidi is know to be one of the highest quality suppliers in the world, still refusing the mass production logic.

paris, france

Paris-based Gareth Casey is heavily inspired by workwear, using the finest milled traditional fabrics in his collections. He is perhaps best known for his signature paper cotton fabric, an absolute necessity around the shop with its soft hand and beautifully wrinkled appearance.

Each garment is finished with a hand sewn red thread, a Casey Casey trademark and a nod to the meticulous construction and attention to detail on all of their garments.

tokyo, japan

Having individually worked as designers in printing, dyeing, and textiles, Junko Jinushi & Kyoko Kato had come across each other through collaborative efforts for magazines and advertisements before deciding to launch ANTIPAST together in the 1990s.

Their highly coveted socks and accessories are beautiful, intricate, and whimsical.

hull, england

Yorkshire-based Alex Jones of Studio Kettle prefers to think of garments as narrative objects. The story of a garment begins with the process of its creation - it's loaded with the history of honest workmanship.

Many of Studio Kettle's items are cut from abstract paintings on canvas, and thus their narrative begins as a work of art.

cologne, germany

Polish artist Ewa Kulasek is based in Germany. Just like her signature hats, her clothing collections are about beauty, simplicity, and reduction.

lomazzo, italy

Album's collections are guided by a single word: simplicity. Simply creating quality, minimalist clothing to live your life in.

dorset, england

UK-based brand with a strong emphasis on cut and fabrication. The designer, Bella, started this line after an 18 year career in luxury fashion as a designer and pattern cutter. They have strong relationships with their Italian, Portuguese, and Welsh fabric mills that align with their practice.

paris, france

Hand-dyed stretch silk and lightweight cotton dresses from Marc LeBihan with new jewelry pieces from Jean-Francois Mimilla.

Handmade in France.

menorca, spain

The materials used in these shoes are washed, boiled, wrinkled, and manipulated to create interesting and unusual textures. Each piece is a unique item or part of a very limited batch assembled entirely by hand.

Bergamo, italy

Everything in Nitto's collections is handknitted or hand sewn, and produced in very small batches with a dedication to sustainability with zero waste production. All excess and cast-off is reused in clothes, accessories, or packaging. A Nitto sweater can require up to 50 hours of work, and the handwritten tag includes the name of the person who made the garment.

paris, france

ÉCOLE DE CURIOSITÉS creates sustainably conscious design with refined craftsmanship that revitalizes classic individuality. Each seasonal collection has a name and a story to accompany it.

london, uk

Elena Dawson works with only a handful of retailers, and her designs are driven by cloth, rather than sketches.

Her experience as a seamstress after university greatly influences her work. “I draw on the knowledge I learned at the tailors still now in the way I make clothing—when you work on alterations you are really tearing the guts out of the garment, performing a sort of autopsy—you really get to see a garment at its most vulnerable point. Observing this state of semi deconstruction in the making of a garment or shoe is what I like to retain in my finished work."

All pieces are handmade in the UK.

Florence, Italy

 Boboutic’s approach to knitwear is unpredictable, aiming at creating a product where materials and structures compensate each other.

The yarn, considered as an endless line, is ideally kept intact by rejecting the use of scissors in the making of the garments. They work around the idea of a “knitwear wardrobe”, living and working in Florence, Italy.


London-based Toogood is the brainchild of sisters Faye & Erica Toogood. Faye worked as a costume designer and a pattern cutter before combining forces with her sister to focus on this line that features unique, sculptural, and genderless silhouettes inspired by workwear.

“A celebration of craftsmanship has been at the core of the brand from the outset. Each piece takes its name, inspiration and cut from a traditional trade: the ‘Metalworker’ jacket, the ‘Stonemason’ trouser, and so on.
Toogood’s clothing is instilled with the unmistakable spirit of both sisters: Faye’s preoccupation with materiality and Erica’s audacious shape-making. One a tinker, the other a tailor.”