$ 159.00

Stora Skuggan was founded by Tomas Hempel and Olle Hemmendorff in 2015 out of a shared passion for fragrance. All of their fragrances, artwork and packaging are made by hand in their lab/studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moonmilk is named for an excerpt from the famous Swiss naturalist Conrad Gessner’s ‘Descriptio Montis Fracti sive Montis Pilati’ from 1555. In this he chronicles his climb to the summit of Mount Pilatus, and into the caves of the Alps. “At night, the moon shines into the cave so brightly the light itself seems to take form, like a mist. It gathers in the ceiling and makes the limestone stalactites glitter and gleam, dripping tears of white liquid into puddles on the rock floor that never dries. Moonmilk.”

Top: Black Tea, Lime

Mid: Cardamom, Lily-of-the-Valley, Mandarin, Black Pepper

Base: Sandalwood, Tan Leather

Eau de Parfum, 30ml

Handmade in Stockholm