Lace Up Boot 793Z, Army

Guidi Lace Up Boot 793Z, Army. 1.5" stacked leather heel lace-up boot in an army colored soft buffalo reverse leather. Boot shaft height measures 4" (on the size 37). Handmade in Italy.

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$ 1,095.00

buffalo reverse leather


Guidi originated in 1896 when Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo established ‘Conceria Guidi Rosellini’ in Tuscany - where leather tanning can be traced back to the middle ages. With a traditionalist approach, Guidi designs and produces footwear that reflects advanced technologies combined with long developed skills. Still family-owned and now headed by Ruggero Guidi, Guidi shoes are entirely handmade and ‘object-dyed’ - dyed after assembly - making the shoes look and feel soft and rendering the entire shoe the same color. Guidi is know to be one of the highest quality suppliers in the world, still refusing the mass production logic.