$ 88.00

Designed in South Carolina and produced in North Carolina, this is the only line of glassware manufactured exclusively in the South. Exquisite in its unexpected simplicity, the design evolved from the exploration of a simple domed shape combined with the desire to provide the best feeling and comfort for the user. No detail was left unexplored from the finish of the ceramic glaze, selecting one that perfectly warms the hand with tea but does not burn, to the shape and feel of the glass opening and weight. Made by hand, for your hand this series is both timeless and contemporary. The collection is designed to be passed down in your family, looking as beautiful on your table today as it will on the tables of generations to come.

5” wide at base and 7” tall
Slight sheen finish
Warm earthy tone base with sandy texture
Unique in shape, with some variances in the stone colored glaze
Made in USA