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Tatine's uniquely scented candles are blended, poured, cured and packed by hand in Chicago, where they support the American tradition of handcrafted, artisanal goods. Using all natural wax blends, the finest essential and perfume oils from around the globe, 100% cotton wicks and recycled materials for their containers and packaging, they make absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality.

Approx 60 hour burn
GMO free vegetable soy wax
Heavyweight glassware
Made in USA

Holy Basil:
Dark green herbal notes blended with wild meadow grasses, cannabis, and sacred basil. Drops of dark violet oil, anise, and garden mint round out top notes of Absinthe, clove buds, and green vine tomato.

Woody evergreen notes blended with balsam oil. A sweet forest aroma with both crisp and warm resinous notes.