Necklace, No. 151

Jean-Francois Mimilla Necklace, No. 151. Crocheted black stainless steel chain necklace with matte black beads. Handstitched leather backing with gold hardware that has two notches in the leather for adjustable length. Handmade in France.

$ 795.00

14" - 16" length


Self-taught and fascinated by old materials, Jean Francois Mimilla peruses the Puces de Saint-Ouen looking for glass & wood beads, vintage rhinestones, and stainless steel chain to use in the construction of his handmade jewelry. He shares a studio with his partner and clothing designer, Marc LeBihan, and makes special one-of-a-kind boxes for each of his pieces from Marc's scrap fabrics or vintage materials he sources from around Paris.