$ 478.00

With backgrounds as graduates of Esmod, Paris and Central Saint Martins, London the Paris based designers Heidi Göran and Susanna Horal have come together to reinvent their foundations and push the boundaries between art, craft and design. After years of collecting influences from various countries and fields, the duo that comes from a mixed heritage of Swedish, Czech and Chilean cultures, reunited in Paris, where they had first met age 18. It was a wish to redefine the conventional perception of elegance, taking their research further than trends, away from mass consumption and a will to form a product of artisan qualities, that lead them to launch their own label in 2012. Honouring the traditions of the trade, creating handmade sculptural pieces with constructions that require truly skillful craftsmen.

Waxed calf antelope leather with scarring
Goat fur
3” heel
Sterling silver ring detail
Simona Tagliaferri collaboration
Made in UK