$ 19.00

Tatine's uniquely scented candles are blended, poured, cured and packed by hand in Chicago, where they support the American tradition of handcrafted, artisanal goods. Using all natural wax blends, the finest essential and perfume oils from around the globe, 100% cotton wicks and recycled materials for their containers and packaging, they make absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality.

2oz handcrafted, hand wrapped candle
Heavyweight glassware
Approx 16 hour burn time
Pure soy/vegetable wax blend

Celebration Day:
a little celebration, there’s something in the air. bitter sweet orange blossoms, neroli and pine bark. we’re gonna dance and sing in celebration.

Laurel Canyon:
we are stardust–we are golden. Fragrant eucalyptus trees after a spring rain in Laurel Canyon. Alluring aromas of cannabis, wildflowers, apricots and suede.

Love that Burns:
the bitter and the sweet. lemon rose earth. give me your love in return, but please don’t leave me with a love that burns.

Wild Mountain Honey:
honey by heaven, the moon, the stars and the sun. Golden honeycomb dripping with citrus notes, luscious black currant, and wild herbs.