Elena Dawson

Elena Dawson
 creates timeless and beautiful semi-deconstructed garments in her East Sussex studio. 

“I draw on the knowledge I learned at the tailors still now in the way I make clothing,” she says. “When you work on alterations you are really tearing the guts out of the garment, performing a sort of autopsy—you really get to see a garment at its most vulnerable point. Observing this state of semi deconstruction in the making of a garment or shoe is what I like to retain in my finished work."

All pieces are sewn, dyed, and hand printed in house by a very small team.

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Alex, the french designer behind ATELIER SUPPAN, creates unique and utilitarian pieces that are thoughtful and detail-oriented. Shapes are often twisted and closures off center, raw edges contrast with perfectly finished hems and intricate hand stitching, hooks are 925 sterling silver and many of her garments allow for adjustable sizing.

The craftsmanship is impeccable. All pieces are limited edition and handmade in her Paris atelier by a very small team.

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