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Ibaraki, Japan

Experiencing the beauty of the handwoven materials and the highly skilled embroidery craftspeople during their travels to India, AODRESS realized the importance of preserving those traditions. They aim to combine those traditions with their own unique sensibilities.

The clothing is all produced in Japan using hand-spun and hand-embroidered fabrics.

aw23 - new arrivals

studio kettle

Hull, UK

Yorkshire-based Studio Kettleintends to start a conversation and
re-address the relationships we have to what we consume, working with the philosophy that considered and timeless design promotes deeper attachments with our belongings. 

Dry waxed + beeswaxed cotton hats and accessories made in

aw23 - new arrivals

stephanie schneider

Antwerp, Belgium

Schneider creates unique jewelry that mimics the structure of fabric. She always works with the same kind of sterling silver chain, sometimes also plated in gold - then connects those chains by weaving with silk thread, linen, or mohair yarn. The collections evolve continuously without a stringent link to a season.

aw23 - new arrivals

marc lebihan &
jean-francois mimilla

Paris, France

Believers in timeless fashion rather than transitory trends. Twisted, asymmetrical shapes and cozy knits + layers upon layers of stainless steel chains and vintage glass beadwork.

aw23 - new arrivals

uma wang

Shanghai, China

Uma is particularly skilled in combining a wide range of fabrics and textures to create strong garments with beautiful detailing, that in her words resemble a harmony between East and West.

aw23 - new arrivals


London, England

Waxed cotton pieces made for comfort and wearability - they're timeless and versatile.

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