Elena Dawson AW21

Elena Dawson creates timeless and beautiful semi-deconstructed garments in her East Sussex studio. She studied at the University of Brighton and began working as a seamstress after graduating, which turned out to be an invaluable experience. “I draw on the knowledge I learned at the tailors still now in the way I make clothing,” she says. “When you work on alterations you are really tearing the guts out of the garment, performing a sort of autopsy—you really get to see a garment at its most vulnerable point. Observing this state of semi deconstruction in the making of a garment or shoe is what I like to retain in my finished work."

All pieces are sewn, dyed, and hand printed in house by a very small team.

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Her work is not conceptual - the designer behind Atelier Suppan hopes her unique, timeless, and wearable pieces will be simply understood. Hems are often hand finished, closures are typically handmade 925 sterling silver, fabric is hand dyed and tags are hand written. Shapes are twisted and closures off center, many allowing for adjustable sizing with spaced thread bars for sturdy silver hooks to catch. The craftsmanship of her garments is impeccable. All pieces are limited edition and handmade in her Paris atelier by a very small team.


prïvate 02 04 AW21

prïvate 02 04 is a Denmark-based line whose production methods truly align with the Slow Fashion movement. The process of their "slow cashmere" begins at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy, where they source pure cashmere from local family mills who have been working with natural yarn for centuries. The fibers are woven on rare mid-century looms and skilled artisans wash the fibers repeatedly to achieve the desired texture.

Each piece is then stitched, frayed, and/or subtly embroidered entirely by hand - rendering each prïvate 02 04 garment truly distinctive.


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