prïvate 02 04

prïvate 02 04 is a Denmark-based line whose production methods truly align with the Slow Fashion movement. The process of their "slow cashmere" begins at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy, where they source pure cashmere from local family mills who have been working with natural yarn for centuries. The fibers are woven on rare mid-century looms and skilled artisans wash the fibers repeatedly to achieve the desired texture. Each piece is then stitched, frayed, and/or subtly embroidered entirely by hand rendering each prïvate 02 04 garment truly distinctive.

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Atelier Suppan

"atelier suppan is the project of an indo-austrian couple. Their approach is to reconsider common image and production standards in constructing garments through a humanistic point of view, starting from the conception up to the manufacturing process and proposes a selection of handmade items in limited edition, entirely crafted in Paris, where they set up a human-sized cooperative that aims at maintaining local textile activity and craftsmanship."